Stone Chip Repair in Hamilton

Mobile Stone Chip Repair in Hamilton and the Surrounding Areas

If you’re a driver, you know that repairs and maintenance are a regular part of owning a vehicle. When it comes to driver safety and visibility on the road, you need to make sure your windows are clear of cracks, as it could decrease visibility when driving. Breakaway Auto Glass is a full service windshield replacement service provider, offering mobile stone chip repair.

If you have a stone chip on your windshield or window, you can definitely have that repaired by one of our professionals. We’ll first have a look at your windshield to assess the damage and decide on whether it would be best to repair or replace your windshield. In most cases, if the stone chip is minor and away from the edges of the window, we will try our best to repair it for you.

With all auto glass damages, we will always see if repairs are possible. We will only suggest repairing your window if it will bring it back to its original condition and strength. The windshield on your vehicle is responsible for 30% of your vehicles structural integrity and even a small crack could cause further complications.

Fast, Efficient Mobile Stone Chip Repair in Hamilton Since 2008

In Hamilton and the neighboring areas, we offer our mobile auto glass stone chip repair at a very affordable price. A combination of our competitive pricing, excellent track record and consistent level of customer service has made us one of the go-to professionals for all auto glass repairs in the city.

Our I-CAR trained and certified experts have worked on hundreds of vehicles of numerous makes and models, so we have the hands-on experience needed for the job. If you would like one of our professionals to come visit you at your home or work, just give us a call today to make an appointment.

Breakaway Auto Glass is Hamilton’s premier, mobile stone chip repair specialist. If you would like to book an appointment for a service visit, please call us today at 905-577-5120 or send us an email at